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日菜(ひな)設計室 一級建築士事務所   ​HINA  ARCHITECTS'  STUDIO

Hina Design Office First Class Architect Office

Thank you for visiting "nukumori".
We are designing a Japanese modern building that makes abundant use of natural wood in Mibu, Kyoto, famous for being the location of the Shinsengumi barracks. The "nukumori PROJECT" began when we thought about how we could use all the wood we could find to breathe new life into the interior design, taking advantage of the design know-how we have accumulated through our daily work in architecture, and the high-quality Kyoto wood that is generated on-site, as well as the
many waste materials and scraps that are generated during demolition and construction.

Since ancient times, the Japanese have developed their culture around designs and lifestyles that emphasize quality and eliminate waste as much as possible. Carrying on this tradition, we will continue to strive to develop products that have simple designs that maximize the quality of wood, emphasize functionality, and allow you to fully enjoy the warmth of wood, such as the beauty of the grain, the charm of antique wood, and the wafting fragrance.

We are grateful for the precious trees nurtured by the magnificent nature, and we will continue to propose interior designs that add elegance to spaces so that the warm forests with gentle sunlight filtering through them will continue to exist forever, and so that we can provide products that bring a smile to the faces of as many customers as possible.

nukumori PROJECT- Hina Architects Representative Natsuko Ogata

Kyoto Office


50 Mibu Kayo Goshocho, Nakagyo Ward, Kyoto City

Mibukayogosho-cho50, Nakagyo-ku, Kyoto-shi


TEL/FAX: 075-644-9715

Joyo Office


97, Terada Northeast, Joyo City, Kyoto Prefecture

Teradakitatozai97, Joyo-city Kyoto

TEL/FAX: 0774-52-1764

For architectural design inquiries, please contact Hina Design Office.


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